At Everyday L&D we focus on diversity and inclusion training. The key area of interest is diversity and culture in the workplace. The aim is to help companies and individuals to understand all of their colleagues/employees which will  lead to more collaborative, productive and happy teams.

Why is it important for companies to be aware of diversity & culture? 

Staff that feel included and happy make for a happier team.

A team that understands and supports each other helps productivity.

Collaborative work becomes easier when you feel you know the people around you and that they understand you.

It helps to eliminate groupthink problems.

It helps us to understand our diverse customers and can boost a brand.

It reflects modern society and no business wants to get left behind.

Diversity is about having the right mix of people and Inclusion is about empowering your people to contribute effectively to the success of the organisation.

This programme will cover:


  • Unpacking what it means to have a diverse workforce and consumer base

  • Explore how inclusion can be a lever for everyone to reach their full potential

  • Identifying practical actions that you can take, regardless of your role, to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace

What Can You Expect?

A comprehensive and engaging training course, that will be delivered by a member of the team with a passion for learning and development. 

What You Will Receive  

A knowledgeable and experienced trainer

All workshop materials

Follow up support if needed


We can deliver any of our services either onsite at your location, or an offsite location that is suitable for all parties.