Agile Coaching

This may mean working with your teams and include observation of your current agile practices. We work with: 

Agile Teams 

Scrum Masters 

Product Owners 

Organisational leaders



We offer a range of courses including: 

One Day Kanban Fundamentals Workshop

One Day Agile Fundamentals Workshop

One Day Agile Leadership Workshop 

Two Day Scrum Master Workshop

Two Day Product Owner Workshop

Virtual Coach

Does your business need some adhoc agile guidance? If you don't have the expertise internally to help navigate certain scenarios then our virtual Agile Coach service could be an option. The service costs £2,500 per month and can be tailored to suit your needs.  Spaces are limited, due to the time requirements for this service, so please get in touch if you think this may be of value. 

Facilitation & Workshops

Some clients bring us in on a regular basis to facilitate retrospectives and workshops. We can work together to discuss what would be of most value to your business. Services could include: 


5 Day Design Sprint Facilitation
Leadership Workshops

User Story Mapping 

Team Initiation Workshops
Product Vision Workshop


One to one coaching sessions are tailored to the individuals needs. These sessions are designed to help you help yourself. After each session you will receive thorough feedback which will help you until the next session. You will become equipped with tools to help you grow. Your sessions can be a weekly, bi-weekly or a once a month. Whatever works for you. 

Agile Pilot 

What is it?

It's an opportunity for a small team to experiment with agility on a suitable piece of work.

What do we do?

We will provide at a fixed cost:

•An individual who will facilitate the pilot so there is consistency throughout.

•Training for those involved.

•Up to 35 hours of follow up support, facilitation, coaching or mentoring.

•An end of experiment summary with potential next steps.


What Can You Expect?

A passionate, engaging service where we will work with you to truly understand your needs, whilst facilitating positive change.

What You Will Receive  

Highly experienced Agile practitioner.

All workshop materials.

Follow up support. 

What About Certification?

We made a choice to have flexibility in our approach to delivering real world training and consultancy that gets results. Rather than be tied down to a particular way of doing things, meaning we are free to select the best practices from a broad range of methods to deliver unique learning experiences, whilst keeping prices competitive and our overheads low. If certification is something you feel strongly about then we can certainly offer impartial advice. 


We can deliver any of our services either onsite at your location or an offsite location that is suitable for all parties.