Jac Hughes is a former Leading Seaman who left the Royal Navy in January 2015 and successfully transitioned back into civilian life. He now works with teams and individuals to help them become more autonomous, empowered and productive by harnessing the agile mindset. 


By utilising and building upon the tools, techniques and experiences from both the military and corporate world, Jac is able to tailor his approach to suit the needs of clients quickly and efficiently. 

Jac naturally prefers people over technology, believes in doing rather than planning for what has to be done, has more faith in values than documentation and always starts from a place of trust.



Naomi Parry comes to us with a background in psychology and a wealth of experience from the education system. Naomi designs and facilitates engaging and bespoke workshops, with a core focus on Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace. With a passion for religion and culture, her most popular course is based on the how considering and understanding others religions and cultures in the workplace can lead to happier, more productive teams.